McAfee McAgent.exe

I’ve decided that the mcagent.exe process installed by McAfee’s Total Protection 2010 would be more aptly named “McHippie.exe”.

Why? Because it just sits around in a daze, doing nothing, while consuming all your resources.


(With apologies to actual, honest-to-God, granola-eating hippies.)

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Brandon Takes a Phone Survey #1

One day, a survey-taker gave me a ring right around dinner time. I swear, they’ve got a call center in every time zone that they staff for only three hours a day, from 4-7pm, so they’re sure they catch you when you’re about to sink your teeth into some veal parmesan.

This survey taker started off sounding like he was going to talk politics. But the conversation quickly turned to the surreal, and it provoked my inner teenager into making an appearance.

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10 Life Lessons from the Dukes of Hazzard

Brunching Shuttlecocks' Hazzard County Driving Test
10.) Respect Authority, but not Authoritarians.

9.) If you can’t beat ‘em, outrun ‘em.

8.) Friends get you into jail. Sometimes, friends will even bail you out. Family will steal the keys to your cell via a humorous ruse, then break you out.

7.) Corrupt politicians and other villains win –and ultimately lose– by the same motivations and methodologies.

6.) Moonshine can be adapted into an excellent petro-chemical substitute, and represents America’s greatest hope for energy independence. Continue reading…

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