5 Reasons the Web Design Client isn’t always right

Personally, I feel that there’s no reason to stick to any policy or concept dogmatically, but there’s one concept out there in business that’s always really rubbed me the wrong way, and that’s the old barb about the customer always being right.

The actual concept being conveyed by this missive is that the customer can always vote with their dollars, and buy elsewhere. This is very true, and very much worth keeping in mind. If your policies, products, or postures are out of step with the marketplace, you won’t be in business much longer.

But as we’ve transitioned into being a consumer-driven culture, some people have taken these words and twisted them into some kind of childish mantra, wherein they need to be given whatever they want, just because they want it. Alex Kjerulf gives us 5 reasons we shouldn’t be so quick to service the needs of ultra-demanding customers on positivesharing.com.

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10 Absolute No’s of Freelancing

I’ve been burned at one point or another by nearly all of these. If you’re an aspiring freelance website designer, you’d do very well indeed to factor these points into your business plan. [link]

The writer also has a list of “Absolute Yesses”: [link]

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Safari Available for Windows

If you’re like me, and have had to develop websites for an Apple-oriented client, and you use a mix of WinXP and Linux, you are probably stoked by the fact that Apple has released a version of Safari for Windows users.

I remember one project I did where the turnaround time in communicating by e-mail, phone, and IM about differences between Firefox and Safari’s rendering took a considerable amount of time, and I’ve always wanted my designs accessible to Mac users, so I’m pretty happy about this.

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